Entrepreneurship must be prepared to work eleven steps below

we follow the steps above to take a look at the following steps which we need to add, as the saying goes, the process of entrepreneurship is also the need to continue to explore, perseverance and perseverance.

six, store district assessment

Great influence

but in power impulse, venture to be successful, or to follow the prescribed order, according to certain steps steadily, in order to improve the probability of success.

seven, and the landlord signed

after the next step is to find a good store, and the landlord signed a contract. Moreover, this action can not be too early, you must wait for the first few steps are completed before. Because, once signed with the landlord, began to pay rent, there will naturally be time pressure. So, before signing with the landlord, everything can be done in preparation and written data, must be ready. With the landlord signed a contract, lease should not be too short, if only signed a year, a year later to begin to recover, the store was the landlord back, lease in three to four years as the ideal signing deadline. Of course, if the selection of chain stores, is not short term lease to join.

in addition, signing usually must also pay the landlord a deposit, the deposit market is generally two to three months rent. So at the time of signing, the landlord must pay the deposit and the first month of the store rent, just store tenants down, a decoration, the best to the landlord rent starting date to EQ, deducting the decoration period, in order to reduce the rental expenses.

eight, business license application

in the open before, must first apply for the relevant license application, otherwise it is unlicensed. The license application is divided into two kinds, one is the license issued by the applicant company, Industrial and Commercial Bureau; another is the small capital, only for business registration, issued by the local industrial and commercial city. Most of the shops are not only because of the capital, the firm for business registration. In addition, the tax authorities should also receive a unified invoice, unless it is allowed to avoid the use of a unified invoice, otherwise, are to be dealt with.

in addition to apply for a business license, if you want their store >

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