Xining industrial and commercial attack another MLM cosmetics dens were destroyed

news network in Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently in the West District of Xining city will be a "buy European pairie" series of cosmetics on the grounds, to carry out marketing activities in the development of offline MLM dens destroyed.

March, the provincial industry and commerce departments around continuously destroyed MLM dens, recently, and that illegal pyramid molecular concentration after class, quickly from the city of Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau west bureau deployed elite forces raided the west area of Huang River shore Lane 50-72, found at the site of the marketing staff of 15 people, marketing dens were in accordance with the law.

MLM gang members mainly from Sichuan, Hebei, Henan and other places, the person in charge Li Fang has escaped from the scene by the younger brother of the younger brother (Li Fang’s) is responsible for. It is understood that the gang members at a price of 2900 yuan (the actual price of 300 yuan) to buy a set of Shanghai Xuteng trading company "Europe pairie" series of cosmetics to obtain eligibility for the conditions, the way to pull the head development line, and team. Members of the gang are mainly friends, relatives or friends to do business in partnership, the introduction of work or friends to meet and other reasons to cheat in Xining, and then focus on teaching brainwashing, engaged in pyramid selling activities. (author: Zhang Yaqin)


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