College students start employment more than and 210

In September 12th, the area of human resources and Social Security Bureau to carry out the City District college students entrepreneurship demonstration awarding ceremony. Reporters learned that in the event, as of now, the city has 30 college students to support their own entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment of more than and 210 people. "This award for university graduates, entrepreneurial us, is an inspiration, the support of the government is of great help to our future development." College students independent entrepreneurs Ge Shuang said. City District human resources and Social Security Bureau official said, the establishment of college students to start their own business model, for college graduates are an incentive. The choice of family service industry college students entrepreneurship demonstration award, mainly about family service industry can promote employment. Water baby swimming pool, the relevant person in charge Zhou Xiaomin told reporters, optimistic about the baby swimming pool is because of entrepreneurship, Xining has a few professional qualifications of the baby swimming pool, the market prospects are better. With the continuous expansion of the baby swimming pool, the original Pro nothing for the original. Therefore, after the start of the swimming pool has been absorbed, trained more than ten personnel. Anbel confinement club official Ge Shuang said, absorb anbel month club talents are nursing, nurses, 7 – 8, remaining there are other nutritionists and retired nurse.  

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