Organization careful deployment ensure conscription task

according to the 2012 annual meeting of conscription arrangements this year conscription work has been in full swing, in order to implement the district conscription work conference, the successful completion of the tasks assigned by superiors I do conscription, Chaoyang Street Office attaches great importance to the leadership, one is the conscription work as an important political task in an important position, the main leadership personally, in charge of leading the whole grasp, major events leading to actively join the army conscription, adhere to the implementation of the front line, face to face guidance, timely solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the work of grass-roots conscription. Two is widely spread of education. Adhere to the whole process of education throughout the recruitment work, extensive use of banners, blackboard, promotional materials and other tools, take a variety of forms loved by related policy in-depth publicity 2012 annual conscription work.
, create a good social atmosphere for conscription.
office printed to distribute more than 1000 copies of leaflets, conscription notice 300 copies, banner 30, blackboard 12 will be the first time the military conscription notice provisions and policies posted to their village, a prominent position in the community. Creates a region of concern and support, school-age youth join the army service atmosphere, but also further enhance the

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