Xining railway station by the industry and Commerce in addition to bad cleaning new year’s day the

train station in Xining city of industry and commerce where the new year and the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to further purify the market, increase the intensity of fake except inferior, to ensure the vital interests of consumers, recently from the area of the two tobacco stores and seized a total value of more than 24000 yuan counterfeit cigarettes.

according to reports from the public and business personnel of nearly a month of investigation, tracking and waiting, and on the evening of December 18th huzhulu "area east of Fengyuan tobacco firms" and "71 Road East Xinda cigarette and liquor vendor" at the same time to take action, this action from huzhulu "Cheng Dong Feng yuan wine and tobacco firm warehouse a large number of seized counterfeit cigarettes and wine, involving up to 16077 yuan. At present, the industry and Commerce and relevant departments are stepping up investigation of two cases. (author: Yang Zhan Wang Chen Guangmin)


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