Xining City Electronic animation game business place to focus on Remediation

In order to regulate the order of Xining electronic animation market, there are electronic game arcades renovation animation operating without license, to participate in gambling and the admission of minors into the business premises and other illegal acts, at the beginning of this month to the end of the month, Xining City Administration for Industry and commerce to carry out centralized regulation of Xining electronic game business places. As of now, Xining city has Industrial and Commercial Bureau were focused on the investigation and remediation of Xining City 42 electronic game business premises, a total of 4 copies issued a rectification notice, banned 27 without any formalities of the electronic game places, seized electronic game machine 30 sets, 6 sets of electronic gambling machines, and 1 illegal the behavior of business premises launched investigation.

the centralized regulation, Xining city industry and commerce departments at all levels will crack down with the electronic game products and business behavior of pornography, violence, murder, fraud and other illegal gambling feudal superstition, and unauthorized and undocumented units and individuals engaging in electronic business network, animation products, and the admission of minors involved in electronic animation game and animation to engage in gambling activities through electronic business behavior, engaged in unauthorized foreign electronic animation products. At the same time, Xining business sector will also Xining city resident building, around the school, office building and urban high as key areas, key examination in the electronic game business activities in the place.

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