This year will train 120 thousand and 800 workers

reporter from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that this year, the province plans to train 120 thousand and 800 urban and rural labor skills, including personnel management, cooperation in agriculture and animal husbandry of unemployed college graduates, landless peasants, ecological migration and urbanization of farmers and herdsmen will become the focus of the training group.

it is reported that, in order to further strengthen the urban and rural labor skills training, and promote the development of urban and rural labor and animal husbandry technology and employment skills, this year, the province will increase the labor force of urban and rural labor skills training. Among them, the first industry of agriculture and animal husbandry production technology training plan training 21 thousand and 150 people, mainly in agricultural and pastoral areas of labor, need to focus on the development of prominent plateau characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry, with the improving of the farmers and herdsmen especially young herdsmen farming industry production technique and management ability of agriculture and animal husbandry industry. Two or three production and employment skills training, mainly for all types of urban and rural labor force, focusing on improving the competitiveness of urban and rural labor employment and entrepreneurial capacity, the annual plan to train 99 thousand and 650 people.

at the same time, according to the focus groups, our province will combine the actual market demand, the organization and implementation of cooperatives of farmers and herdsmen training plan, training plan, new occupation farmer employment of college graduates special employment training projects, migrant workers skills upgrading scheme and urbanization of land expropriated farmers in the special skills training program, the source area of Sanjiang urban and rural labor training and promotion employment planning, employment training programs, youth employment and entrepreneurship Park enterprises herdsmen skills training plan, urbanization of farmers and herdsmen skills upgrading project, entrepreneurial ability promotion plan (including the city business youth entrepreneurship training of farmers and herdsmen) and other ten key training project.


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