Xining city traffic police detachment of the newly established two duty Brigade

recently, the Xining city traffic police detachment decided to set up Fifth teams on duty and biological park traffic police brigade.

Area of the Lake District

five Brigade Road East Sea jurisdiction, the jurisdiction of Lake Road (not included), West to the south of Huangshui waterways, Xichuan Road (Huangzhong junction) and Kunlun Road, north to Haiyan Road (excluding Sea Lake Road).

biological park traffic police brigade jurisdiction for the biological park, the jurisdiction of the road east of Chaoyang Road North, west of the North Lake Road, south of Tianjin Road (inclusive), north to Nanjing Road 13 km (including from the road).


brigade is responsible for the area of road patrol duty and traffic grooming, investigate and punish violations of road traffic, maintain traffic order, preventing and reducing traffic accidents, carry out special rectification of road traffic order, carry out traffic safety publicity and education activities etc..


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