Round Qinghai dream stirring your heart to write in the province’s two sessions closing

every period of history has its unique characteristics that can not be copied. In the past 5 years, the people of Qinghai have been united in their efforts to forge ahead and successfully deal with all kinds of major challenges and challenges. "Stand firm example, to serve the people as an example……" The new leadership of the province’s "six model" clank oath, stirring with a beautiful dream of Qinghai, surging up across ambition. Every dream has its common characteristics: beautiful, every dream has a common characteristic: have the human resources, innovation and hard work.

(1) from January 21st to 30, the province’s focus of attention in Xining, the provincial people’s Congress and the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial people’s Congress, a meeting of the eleven session of the provincial people’s Congress, held a grand and simple to hold a meeting of the twelve. About 5700000 people, about 5700000 trust. The new session of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, to fulfill the sacred duties, to tell the truth, tell the truth, speak briefly, as the voice of the people, V. public opinion, set the wisdom, on the report, talk about the achievements and development…… Fresh wind will blow. Governor Luo Huining made the "government work report", seeking truth from facts, objectively and comprehensively summarize the past and keep pace with the times, pragmatic innovation to plan for the future, the next period especially the general requirements, objectives and tasks, major initiatives this year. The report is not only to the people of the province to deliver an excellent report card, but also to the people of the province issued a new Qinghai, the creation of new life, a comprehensive well-off society mobilization order.

(2) during the meeting, the provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei pointed out, we also have a dream — to ensure that Qinghai in 2020 with the national synchronized into a well-off society in an all-round way, let the people of all ethnic groups together with the people sharing the fruits of reform and development. This dream, pour into the hardships, surging joy, showing strength, pointing to the front. This dream, the road to the future of Qinghai to convey a sense of self-confidence, self-confidence, self-confidence and hard work, self-confidence, delivered the provincial government, the people of all ethnic groups in the province of a bright future.

(3) on behalf of members of the hot debate, Qinghai dream, more and more clear, more and more real. Nathans represents hope: "rural and pastoral children can cleanly dressed like the city children, women can also dress up……" Happy life more and more dignity, more happy, is the people’s common dream. "Green is the eye of the city, and my duty is to keep my eyes open for the city every day."." This is the wish of all representatives. Gold and silver, but also to clear water castle, the people of Qinghai green, beautiful always so eager to focus on. "Hope that all types of schools at all levels on the basis of hardware is getting better and better, to achieve the concept of thinking, teachers, efforts to promote the ‘software upgrade’," Cao Shengrui said. Run education, cultivate talents, build their hometown, this is the teacher, parents, the common aspiration of the community.

(4) on behalf of members of the popular opinion from the words from the bottom of the heart. Every person in Qinghai has a dream: a better education, a more stable job, a more satisfactory income, more reliable social security, higher levels of health services, more;

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