South Lake three major incentives to do new year gift

history of Jiaxing had a lot of talent, a lot of contemporary entrepreneurial talent. The new year is approaching, the South Lake area for the majority of entrepreneurs to send a three policy red envelopes, in advance of the wishes of entrepreneurs happy new year.

"enterprises are now in progress? What are the difficulties encountered in the process of industrialization?……" Sharon, Sun Jianhua visit the leadership of the products displayed by the side, and they have in-depth conversation. Sun Jianhua said, 2016 is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, is also the Nanhu District, strengthen innovation driven, accelerate the transformation and development of the key year. The development of the Lake District, lies in the talent, especially high-level innovative talent and team leader, Sun Jianhua hope that the majority of outstanding talent to enhance the mission, more results, become the vanguard of entrepreneurship and innovation, striving to upgrade the main economic Nanhu district. District personnel work leading group member units to be dedicated to the "entrepreneurial talent in the lake, life convenient services provided in the city", to further build the optimal ecological entrepreneurial talent development.

"not up on the new year have received so many" red packets "!" In the area the relevant departments responsible for interpretation of recommendation

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