Qinghai Wuhan Qinghai Lake beauty brand promotion to Wuhan fascinated

CCTV "Qinghai Lake" Huang fish migratory season large feature film hit in Wuhan, the local also has aroused strong repercussions. In May 30th, the Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau in the "2015 Qinghai Wuhan brand promotion", "tourism resources" Qinghai Lake held a special promotion, giving the value of more than 30000 yuan ticket to Wuhan City Tourism Bureau launched the 100 Wuhan into Qinghai Lake".

Qinghai Lake scenic relevant person in charge, this is the first time into the Qinghai Lake scenic Wuhan. Qinghai and Hubei are thousands of miles apart, but the water is in the hope of regional tourism, Hubei and Qinghai Lake tourism set up Trinidad Gallery, so that more domestic tourists came to the central region, Qinghai Lake tour and sightseeing.

conference, Wuhan local more than and 30 large and medium-sized travel agencies have come to discuss cooperation with Qinghai Lake scenic tourism.

Wuhan Golden Century International Travel relevant responsible person said, Wuhan is one of the well-known scenic spots of Qinghai Lake and fire, hear the relevant person in charge of the promotion, only know the Qinghai Lake in the summer average temperature was only 15 degrees Celsius, the cool summer weather, Wuhan has never felt, therefore, depends on this point, he is confident more Wuhan tourists come to Qinghai.


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