Xining Municipal Committee of the thirteen session of the six plenary session of the beautiful peopl

– and strive to achieve the clear river, Nanchuan shore green, smooth, Chingmei stage governance objectives within


& strive to build the sea road in the year, three of its West Road, etc. block will be built for 24 hours self-service library

January 6th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Committee of the CPC thirteen session of the six plenary meeting was informed that this year, Xining city will focus on speeding up the development and ecological protection, expanding opening up, accelerate the reform, scientific planning, urban and rural areas, social construction, integration and development, democracy and the rule of law, stability, strong foundation work, the construction of the beautiful Xining beautiful family circle.

days more blue water more clear

this year, Xining city will put the construction of ecological civilization in a prominent position, into economic construction, political construction, cultural aspects and the whole process of construction, flood control, pollution control, mountain, rule blocking, build a strong ecological basis. Vigorously implement the forestry ecological projects, speed up the expansion of the seventh water plant, the eastern part of the new urban area of the eastern part of the water supply project. Nanchuan River, and strive to achieve clear shore green, smooth, Chingmei stage ecological management goals this year. Increase industrial pollution and heavy metal pollution prevention and control, start Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County coal mine geological environment management demonstration project, the completion of 200 tons of coal-fired boilers, coal to gas task. Strengthen rural ecological construction, environmental protection and comprehensive improvement, the construction of beautiful countryside.

build a big security system

security city including food safety, medical safety, traffic safety and other content of the large security system. Xining city will improve the overall planning of urban functions, strengthen food and drug supervision, increase efforts to do a good job, such as vehicle diversion, increase the safety of urban construction. In recent years, regardless of the square of Xining, campus, or the ability to build the stadium has been greatly improved. In the future, Xining will revitalize the stock of land resources, the square, schools and other places into the city emergency shelter system.

to create a distinctive service industry gathering area

to strengthen the traditional service industry, focusing on the development of logistics, finance, intermediary and other good market prospects, high industrial relevance, strong ability to promote employment of modern service industry. From the beginning of this year, will be 3 to 5 years to adjust the layout of the professional market, to guide the industry’s low-end links, the production chain to the city’s orderly transfer of external, to make room for the development of modern service industry. Cao will accelerate the transformation of the ten major areas, to create distinctive, different positioning of the service industry gathering area.

to create a smooth travel environment

to accelerate the Xining high grade road network construction, strengthen the urban area of Xining city and the surrounding areas of the city trunk road linking, organic transit traffic, strengthen the focus of the town, Xining City Vice center city traffic loop construction. Clear the bottleneck, open joints, open up more street traffic small cycle. Strive to build sea road, three of its west road. Construction of Menyuan Road, South extension project post section, Qaidam Road West, open up a number of broken road, continue to build a number of pedestrian bridges. Scientific planning sidewalk construction, to avoid repeated excavation;

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