They go to the grassroots community cheerful laughter echoed in the community

  Fifth stations: Mao Sheng Si community
interview time: in late October
"green hills, blue sea, grazing girls also have a sweet dream……" A "Qinghai dream" in the accompaniment of musical instruments sing beautifully, I followed the community director Dai Suying came to the community rehearsal hall. "On behalf of the director, we celebrate the new year’s day when the community open ah? We rehearsed a lot." "In order to make the program more exciting, we added a new folk song in it." You say, he said a word, literary lovers will be the director and I surrounded up.
"we now have three community art team, the backbone of hundreds of people, the residents to participate in these teams very enthusiastic." Dai Suying introduction. At this time, Meng Zhaomin found the old man with the director of opera amateurs, with rehearsal space thing, acting director smiled and said: "now the community art groups and art lovers more and more, and the rehearsal time community the rehearsal hall is full, so you chorus, dance team and opera music classes to rehearsal time." A word to let Meng Zhaomin dispel doubts in mind, he immediately took the amateurs for everyone to live performances of a show, happy laughter echoed in the community in the rehearsal room.
from the community after the rehearsal hall, community sports Zhuangan Zhao Guilian took me to the community library equipment, little room hung with performance costumes, with sound, arches and other equipment needed to perform. Colorful ethnic costumes and professional performances of the group’s dress is almost the same, very beautiful, at this time, the other three members of the community dance team to find Zhao Guilian by performing costumes, Zhao Guilian promised to come down. We put together 12 sets of Tu style garments packaged downstairs, one of Ms. Liu said gratefully: "we dance team set up not long, the members have not made performance costumes, several performances are to Mao Sheng Temple community borrow clothing, thank you very much." Zhao Guilian hurriedly;

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