Xining industrial and commercial system to strengthen safety supervision

Xining industrial and commercial system based on their own work, to take the six combination to further strengthen the supervision of production safety, crack down on illegal production and operation of construction.
in specific work, one is taken in combination with the annual examination of the enterprise and individual industrial and commercial households inspection work to strengthen the enterprise registration decal, pre-approval of the qualification examination, strict market access gateway. Two is to take and carry out safe production month activities, through the square to participate in publicity, dissemination of information, to carry out market fire drills and other forms, to further increase the intensity of publicity and education. Three is to take the key industries and areas of special rectification of safety production, farmers market, shopping malls, supermarkets as the focus, to increase the safety of production and management of fireworks and other places of operation and supervision. The four is to combine with the "establishment" and "creative city" and the "year", the focus of remediation market, shopping malls and supermarkets and other business premises, Jeeves blocked fire exits and other acts, eliminate market security risks. Five is to take a combination of routine law enforcement, to further increase the frequency of inspections, increase supervision and inspection efforts to crack down on illegal production and management behavior. Six is to take advantage of the commodity exchange market credit classification supervision work, further improve and deepen the market inspection system, market early warning system, safety production system, credit system and other rules and regulations.


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