Strengthening measures to promote the development of green management

2012, is to implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, accelerate the implementation of the plan in 12th Five-Year an important year, but also the city on the new starting point to promote the four development of the key year

2012, is to implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, accelerate the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan an important year, but also the city on the new starting point to promote the four development of the key year. City Forestry Bureau in the city’s urban and rural greening work, closely rely on the concept of refinement, in-depth implementation of green management mechanism to create new year activities, to take effective measures to promote green development.

strengthen organizational leadership to ensure the smooth development of the work. According to the characteristics of this year, the city’s urban and rural greening work tasks, time is tight, high requirements, the city forestry bureau in accordance with the precise requirements, set up a key construction project of the steering group, the establishment of key project bureau leadership system, each bureau separately linked to urban and rural greening project supervision, timely implementation of key projects and difficult problems schedule, inspection, coordination, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

pay attention to quantity and quality, adhere to the scientific afforestation model. in forestry ecological construction, grasping progress and grasping quality simultaneously, pay attention to the investment benefit, with "two persistence, the three change", to achieve high standard of forest. Two adhere to: adhere to the unified standard of the city, a large area of the implementation of high standards of afforestation projects; adhere to the professional team of afforestation, to ensure the quality of afforestation. The three change is: from the point of scattered planting to focus on contiguous, scale afforestation change; from coniferous tree species to the construction of pure coniferous forest, broad-leaved mixed forest transformation; from simple afforestation to build, pipe, seal comprehensive management transformation.

strengthen construction management, to ensure the effectiveness of land greening. in the afforestation project management, always adhere to the design and construction of the work, the seedlings are not allowed to go up the mountain, the site is not standardized planting, afforestation unqualified acceptance system. Full implementation of the unified planning, professional team construction, unified management and protection system. The competent unit and the project construction unit signed a construction contract, the implementation of supervision system, always grasp the construction progress and quality.

grab favorable season, to promote the small unitary mountain green. Nanshan ecological green barrier project is the largest project in the past five years, the largest investment, the most time, the most complex terrain of the afforestation project. In the process of implementation, adhering to the "water conservancy facilities first, native tree hill, professional team planting, afforestation principle suitable tree mixed", focusing on coniferous shrub, with emphasis on quality, scientific afforestation. The construction unit to overcome the water, afforestation land late spring afforestation opportunity short difficult, strictly implemented according to technical guidelines for afforestation Nanshan, pay close attention to transportation, planting, watering, seedling seedling supporting and other technical aspects of the work, the close connection to ensure project quality and progress of afforestation.

adhere to quality oriented, cast urban green boutique. adhere to the increase in the amount of green, on the level of quality, the work principle, will improve the quality of green projects as the focus of work;

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