The Xining Association for mediation of gas boiler 192 farmers Jieyou consumer disputes

days ago, Xining City Consumers Association with the successful mediation of gas boiler maintenance disputes, to solve the 192 farmers consumer menace from the rear.

2005 Xining chengnanxinqu Tang Fang Cun for city planning and the overall relocation in May last year, the villagers have moved into new homes. Enter the heating period, some consumers found the wall mounted gas fails, contact the dealer for maintenance, businesses identified the cause of the malfunction of consumers had not adopted lead to filter impurities clogging heat exchanger caused by the fault is not within the scope of the warranty, consumers need to pay maintenance, the parties negotiated to no avail, then to the consumer complaints.

received a complaint, the Xining Consumers Association conducted a survey to understand. According to the survey results, the Association believes that whether the installation of gas boiler fittings has certain professional, although the "product warranty" has been marked "it is recommended to install the filter", but for the farmer consumer groups, agents did not fulfill the obligations of consumers do not understand the filter effect. In the three package heating period governance problems, the Department has the responsibility to fulfill the obligations of the three package, paid maintenance is unreasonable. After many phone calls and has 4 mediation, reach a mediation agreement: the failure of the gas boiler by the agents of free maintenance, no other fault of gas boiler for unified maintenance, installation of filters, and one year warranty, solved the farmer consumer complaints received 192 farmers consumers praise.


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