Provincial Public Hospital Reform Forum held

provincial public hospital reform forum held recently in Xining. The meeting first communicated to learn the spirit of the province’s health and health conference, the provincial public hospitals to implement the spirit of the general assembly, accelerate the reform of public hospitals, etc.. Vice governor Gao Hua presided over and spoke.

meeting pointed out that in May this year, since the implementation of the comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the province, the full cancellation of drug addition, the implementation of the convenience of the people Huimin initiatives, the work steadily forward. The current and future periods, the provincial public hospitals should take the lead to study and implement the province’s health and health conference spirit, firmly establish the development thought of taking people as the center, to further enhance the construction of healthy Qinghai’s sense of urgency and mission, focus on strengthening the hospital management, control medical costs unreasonable growth, improve the quality and level of medical service. Key areas and key links, increase efforts to promote reform, make the results more benefit of the people.

the meeting stressed that the provincial public hospitals in our province is the people to see a doctor in the last line of defense, to promote reforms, combined with the province’s medical and health service system planning, positioning, highlight the professional characteristics, subject to play advantage, and actively explore new ways of development of public hospital reform, and constantly improve the health and health care level; we should conscientiously implement the hygiene and health work policy in the new period, adhere to the grassroots focus on the implementation of urban and rural targeted aid policies, to promote high-quality medical resources sinking, the ability of primary health care services has been improved, and make new contributions to accelerate the construction of health in Qinghai.


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