Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau was awarded the national two demonstration public security b

days ago, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Department was named the "National Police normalization construction of two level demonstration of the public security bureau".

in recent years, Xining city public security organs at all levels throughout the formal construction in a prominent position, to the police to sink, security must be strong, to strengthen the management team, to strictly, to innovate, to standardize the law enforcement mechanism, work to go up, people will be satisfied as the general requirements, focus on a number of constraints of the public security organs the long-term development of the institutional mechanism, security issues, and laid a solid foundation for the public security comprehensive, healthy and sustainable development. The overall quality of the police team to further improve the idea of law enforcement for the people further rooted, the overall image is obviously improved, the masses satisfaction rate, security generally increased, the overall situation of social order remained stable, global social security ability improved significantly, the incidence of criminal cases for 4 consecutive years showed a downward trend.

in the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Public Security Department of the audit team to assess the audit team, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau ranked fourteenth, becoming one of the two units of the provincial capital city public security bureau took the lead in compliance.


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