The Huangshui River water quality reached the national standard

last year, the Huangshui River Basin water quality meet the national water environmental functional district planning standards, implementation of national "12th Five-Year" planning objectives in advance.

it is understood that last year the provincial environmental protection departments to further promote the Huangshui River pollution prevention and remediation in the two years before the foundation of 593 sewage outfall, and arranged 151 million yuan of funds, 137 outfall remediation, completed a comprehensive interception sewer project. The city of Xining and along the Huangshui 8 county sewage collection and treatment rate reached 93% and 85% respectively.

at the same time, the province completed one year ahead of the historical task of harmless disposal of chromium slag, can regulate the transport and efficient detoxification, landfill disposal targets, stockpiling 5 578 thousand and 400 tons of chromium residue left over from history all harmless disposal, eliminate major environmental risks. After the provincial preliminary accounting, the province’s chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emissions of four major pollutants in the control of the target set, the successful completion of the task of pollution reduction. (author: Fang Xu)

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