Xining City District primary school enrollment this fall will be strictly controlled

is a strict control Taipan Colonel, all Central Primary School on the basis of last year, this year since the fall of the first grade enrollment will strictly control the number of each class enrollment of about 50 people. At the same time will continue to open the school children of migrant workers, the implementation of "Easy Access" to "five card" or the nearest relative nearest school principle.

with the increase of the population of Xining City, the increase of school-age children, most parents want their children to go to school to school, resulting in "key" located in remote areas, school students less, while the city’s school classroom crowded, large problems difficult to cure.

last year, the city area in the region to strictly control the number of all primary school class, to declare war on the "Colonel class". This year, the city district all primary school in the last year based on the success of the pilot, when the fall enrollment more than twenty primary school 60 classes, each class will strictly control the number of around 50 people, at the same time to try a "small class" teaching classes offered in three primary school were selected, each class to strictly control the number of people in 40. In addition, the district will also open up the "Easy Access" for the children of migrant workers, migrant workers, migrant workers can hold proof of marriage and child rearing, residence permit, the employer of labor contract or business license, real estate ownership or the right to use the contract "five card", according to the nearest primary school enrollment for children. If the nearest school is full, can hold the "five card", by the District Education Bureau in accordance with the principle of distribution relative to the nearest entrance.

City District Education Bureau, last year, the implementation of strict control of all urban district primary school enrollment after tasted the sweetness, the effect is reflected in the number, the more than 60 schools the first grade freshman class, each class at least 10 people add up to control, so the control of at least 600 to 800 people. Secondly, with the decrease in the number of students, the teacher put all the energy used in the classroom, classroom, teaching materials and meticulous teaching. At the same time, due to the time of the liberation of the teacher put more energy into one on one counseling children, making the city’s education and teaching quality as a whole has been upgraded.


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