Provincial organs bus service center officially started running

according to the requirements of the implementation of the "program" Qinghai provincial organs of public transport system reform office of the provincial government, provincial organs bus service center set up work on time, and officially started operation on April 1st.

bus service center a total of 30 cars, orientation, intensive security provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC provincial leaders of the four teams across the region travel, rural research and other official activities. In accordance with the law regulation, safe and efficient service to the principle of the center, improve the internal management system, formulated the "Qinghai provincial organs orientation of the support vehicle service management" Interim provisions. For official travel convenient transportation cost savings, vehicle management norms, supervision and accountability, effective goals, the center will build a bus service platform for the implementation of informatization, identifies the regulation to the vehicle operation; firmly establish the "safety is the root, service-oriented" concept, a really good job of vehicle centralized scheduling, operation management and service security work, establish a good image of the party and government organs of official vehicle management.


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