Xining City Bureau of education to carry out a comprehensive safety inspection in construction

In order to effectively strengthen the safety of fire prevention and safety in the construction of the project, to learn "4

to strengthen education in the construction project safety production safety and fire prevention work, from the "4.9" fire accident lesson to prevent similar accidents in the afternoon of April 12th, the City Board of Education held a central school construction project in the fire safety and safety special inspection work arrangements will. The school board in the construction project, the construction unit responsible for the supervision and construction companies responsible persons attended the meeting.

meeting requires all units should attach great importance to the safety of the special inspection work, the rapid organization of personnel to carry out the construction site dragnet safety inspection activities, the rectification of the existing problems in a timely manner. At the same time to strengthen the project fire safety and safety management, the implementation of the monitoring measures, promptly eliminate safety hazards, improve the management level of business, perfect management system, to prevent accidents, ensure the safety of construction projects carried out smoothly.


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