The second most beautiful people in Qinghai election activities of public voting

To further implement the spirit of the party and party spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee twelve session of the ten plenary session, closely combined with the activities of Ideological and moral education of citizens in our province, and vigorously promote the construction of Qinghai civilization, mobilize the masses to actively participate in and support the ideological and moral practice, promote the good and the beautiful, positive energy transfer, advanced typical publicity and praise have sprung up in the process of new construction in Qinghai, in order to achieve a synchronous ", and strive to build" three areas ", to create a high" spirit power, according to the provincial Committee of civilization work deployment, the second "most beautiful Qinghai" selection activities since the start of August, activities taken recommendation, recommendation, area departments recommendation of the media recommendation, the masses recommend combination, launched a number of line from the grassroots cadres and the masses of the advanced representatives. Selection of activities leading group office in the emphasis on performance and contribution, the influence of the basis, insist on fairness, justice and openness, the audit evaluation of 50 candidates for the preliminary. By the Qinghai daily, the west city newspaper, Xining evening news, Qinghai news network and other media published a brief story published at the same time candidates, ballot and voting rules, accept the public vote, the voting specific issues see voting rules. Welcome the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in the province to actively participate in the vote, the election of your mind, the most beautiful people in Qinghai".

voting rules:

1, the voting time is December 2nd 00:00 to 8, 24:00 (paper ballots postmarked or to date);

2, vote for 50 candidates Selection Office announced, candidates in alphabetical order, please of the 50 candidates elected 25 candidates, in the choice of painting "tick" vote bar "". A vote of less than 10 or more than 25 persons deemed invalid;

3, please select a paper or online voting in the vote, however, each person cast a vote;

5, paper ballots from the newspaper copy, but should be consistent with the original size of the votes. Can also be downloaded from the Qinghai news network ballot word format print;

6, network voting, from December 2nd to 8, can visit the Qinghai news network into the voting system, according to the prompt vote. Repeat voting, whichever is the first;

7, second "paper ballots to the most beautiful people in Qinghai" selection activities leading group office. Address: No. 71, No. 346, Xining Provincial Civilization Office, zip code: 810000;


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