The 16 families in the area of Xining tiger were named harmonious neighborhood family

August 22nd, the tiger Taiwan area 16 households were rated as "harmonious neighborhood family", the tiger Taiwan Street Party Working Committee, Street Office granted them 2009 annual "harmonious neighborhood Award", vice chairman of the National Federation Secretary Wang Tianhui, Provincial Standing Committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Mu Dongsheng, chairman of the provincial women’s Federation, the Municipal Standing Committee Hayley ma. City Union president Wang Haihong and other leaders presented awards to them.

family is the cell of society, and the harmony of the family and the neighborhood is the foundation of promoting harmonious and civilized community construction. According to the tiger Taiwan Street responsible person, street party working committee, according to the office of "five civilized family" contest, with "harmony tiger Taiwan" joy community carnival theme, carry out the "harmonious neighborhood family" assessment activities, the village committee, community committees recommend seriously, Wang Jingfang, Wang Changlan and other 16 households were rated as "harmonious neighborhood family", which will have great effects on improving the quality of citizens.

and on the same day, 2009 "harmonious tiger Taiwan" joy community Carnival held in the city of Tainan cool tiger park. 4000 people gathered together to share the joy.

on the morning of 22, Tainan cool tiger Ruins Park crowded, bustling, buffet put assorted cold dishes more than 100 meters long, people waiting on both sides in taste; hundreds of children live painting, the beauty of the Xining show in painting; painting and calligraphy exhibition also attracted many people to watch. When the host announced the promotion of the quality of the public projects have a competitive opportunity to start, the stage was filled with people, they have to answer questions about the quality of the city to enhance the quality of the project…… According to reports, the "harmonious tiger Taiwan" joy community carnival is one of the 14 community public service activities of the tiger Taiwan Street Party Working Committee, street office launched, aimed at improving the quality of citizens, strengthen public construction of spiritual civilization, this is the third, before the two session of the event, attracting tens of thousands of people to participate in.


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