Xining telecommunication section party actively organize technical research activities within the pa

since May this year, Xining Electricity Department Party committee actively organize party technology to improve equipment utilization quality, reduce the equipment failure delay "as the goal, so that the majority of Party members and heavy responsibilities, solve problems, for the contribution, and achieved remarkable results.

The maintenance task

Xining electricity department charged with the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in 105 stations, 5 lines, 12 relay stations and 2 hump signal equipment field, according to the characteristics of the working point of multiple length, long span, complex equipment management situation, this section of the party work point on quality to ensure safety, vigorously carry out the "red flag, the snowy plateau Trinidad road safety" theme of practical activities, party organization technology research activities, the key points and difficulties, caused by equipment failure and delay into 16 key technology issues, by the Party branch to set up a "technical research team", signed to ensure safety responsibility and responsibility of Party members, and solve the time limit. At the event, the whole Party members give full play to the exemplary role of Party organizations, formed a research topic, there are layers of safety situation of Party members have the responsibility of everyone. Lhasa Gulu station workshop for driving control system of power supply voltage instability occurs, the workshop Party branch to eliminate this failure as the research object, through investigation and experiment of hundreds of times, through the use of plateau type module and other measures to effectively solve the problem.

The first half of the year to

through technical research, Xining telecommunication section has gradually solved 14 major technical problems of power supply voltage instability, switch gap monitoring is not accurate, the signal cable grounding, make party model equipment and high-quality equipment quality each station pass rate reached more than 95%, to provide a reliable guarantee for the all transportation safety production.


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