The province issued a comprehensive deepening reform inspectors work Trial

days ago, our province issued "comprehensive reform supervision measures (Trial)", the way is to implement the central and provincial Party Committee on deepening the reform of comprehensive arrangements for promoting the effectiveness of supervision, the task of reform, combined with practical formulation.

approach proposed to comprehensively deepen the reform of the implementation of hierarchical inspectors". In accordance with the deployment of the provincial comprehensive deepening of reform leading group arrangements, provincial reform office responsible for the province’s reform coordinating inspectors, inspectors focus on reform issues of the state and provincial reform tasks lead unit advance; Municipal Committee of comprehensive deepening of reform leading group and office, responsible for local area reform tasks lead unit and the county (district city inspectors), to promote the reform tasks; the provincial reform tasks lead unit responsible for inspectors of the unit led by the implementation of the tasks of reform.

approach proposed to undertake the task of reform of the region and the Department is mainly responsible for the comrades, to grasp the reform, the implementation of the direct responsibility, we must personally grasp the plan, grasping the deployment, grasping forward, grasping supervision. The full implementation of the central and provincial deployment of reform tasks, Qinliqinwei, a pole inserted in the end, the implementation of hundred-percent.

"measures" proposed to work and delay of wrangling, repeatedly explain away to push on the reform of the working poor and inadequate attention, little research, carry out fatigue, the slow progress of the unit, the provincial and provincial reform office of the reform tasks lead unit to the provincial comprehensive deepening of reform leading group put forward the accountability reform proposal, city committee do to the Municipal Committee of comprehensive deepening of reform leading group put forward suggestions of accountability. Inspectors should be used as an important basis for testing the effectiveness of various departments in the region.

through the development of our province reform supervision measures, the results further clarify the inspector main content, mode, method, application, further compaction responsibility, strengthen and standardize the reform of supervision, it will effectively promote the reform measures the effectiveness of our province.


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