Great ideas to promote the construction of Forest City

This year, the city officially launched the national forest city to create work, in the creation of the work, the city bold exploration, and strive to break through innovation. The forest city construction broke the previous small Xining concept, three county and Xining urban planning, re greening layout positioning in built-up area, city, city area three spatial levels, adhering to the concept of refinement plant green. First of all, the relevant departments of forestry and meticulous planning. In order to do a good job of planning, forestry and related departments to carry out the investigation of the basic situation of urban and rural greening, collect relevant basic information, repeated comments and repeated amendments to the scientific and rational planning. Built in Xining District, city, city area three levels of space re greening positioning, to highlight the Xining mountains, riverside, embrace nature ecological characteristics of Sichuan, Xining, river forest and wetlands resources closely together, to determine the "forest city spatial layout of a nuclear two zone, three fourth, multi axis, garden". Secondly, according to the goal, the principle of the combination of point, line and surface was carried out. At this point, the green garden city construction, built to open a number of theme parks, increase the landscape renovation Park, garden and Green Street, a large number of applications of Mosaiculture and flowers, strengthen the role of beautifying the city attractions, environment optimization. Online, with quadrilateral green, focusing on the Xining to the three counties on both sides of the road, river, ride within sight of green mountain, the afforestation nursery and the combination of production and realize the development of green industry integration. At the same time, the full implementation of the airport expressway landscape forest construction, the formation of "Easy Access point into the scene, online, on the shady forest". In the face of forestry ecological engineering, continue to implement the north and south two mountain shelter forest, three North shelter forest, returning farmland to forests, high standards of afforestation, public welfare forest and other afforestation projects, to consolidate the results of afforestation. Comprehensively strengthen the water conservation forest, soil and water conservation forest, farmland shelterbelt construction, the construction of the city as the core, the north and south two mountains green as the barrier, the county for the depth of ecological layout.  

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