Express Xining city police series smashing windows theft case solved

  since October this year, Xining consecutive cases of stolen property from the car. In December 24th, west of the city police arrested one of the theft ring, up 40 case. In the case of the detection process, the police also found a large number of cases in the public security organs did not report records, bring some difficulties to the detection of cases and suspects for conviction and sentencing, police hope in my city, West, East and other places in the car stolen property owner can promptly to the 54 Street police station to check the case.

it is understood that since October, the city has witnessed a number of cases of theft of property within the car, the incidence of parking spaces are mostly in restaurants, squares, residential and other key parts. 54 Street police station for the area of stolen property in the car, the case will be held in a timely manner, according to the analysis of the characteristics of the incident, the active deployment, to determine the objectives of the work. Hard work pays off, after a month of hard work, in December 24th one of theft gang members arrested three people, 40 cases, and seized a screwdriver, knives and other tools of crime.

after the examination, the criminal suspect kongmou, Bing Bing ", Li Mousan in Ping An county on the mutual understanding, to the better, the three will discuss how to steal money, finally decided to steal the glass smashed cars. They generally choose the theft between 18 PM to 20 pm, and the theft of the site is not fixed, mainly in the city, the west area of some large parking lot and street parking places, choose a good target after the sentry, smashing windows and division of stolen goods. At present, the police have initially verified three suspects involved in the amount of up to several hundred thousand dollars, because they are drug addicts, stolen property, after the sale of drugs used to.

, according to police investigators, the car has a bag or other items of the vehicle is often the suspect committing the crime target". Therefore, the police remind the majority of owners, people leave the car, do not put valuables or loaded with a lot of cash in the car. In addition, as far as possible to park the car in a normal place to watch.


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