North of the bus loaded with thousands of eyes anti elopement

on the afternoon of March 14th, the city government offices in the north of a row of public service vehicles, surrounded by a lot of people to come to work and organs of staff. They are curious to see the staff to install the official car CS car service monitoring system. On the other side, the North District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the official car electronic monitoring system background, more than 80 vehicles have been installed and debugged the official vehicles, belonging to the vehicle unit, passengers, parking position, running track, running mileage, speed, operation area and other information at a glance. Once the bus deviant, the relevant information at a glance.

to the north of the city government to do the work of Mr. Liu said: this can really be a bus to the government organs on the hoop." Drivers who are also surrounded together to discuss: now where the car, where to open, the Commission for discipline inspection can be seen, and who would dare to use a private bus ah."

opinions of the masses, bus management issues focused

private use, not only affect the image of the party and the government in the people, but also to the country caused some property damage. All along, the masses have this opinion, saying it is corruption under the wheels".


February 2014, the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice activities, in accordance with the general requirements of the north area of the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure treatment, in the study of education, listen link, through discussion and visit, set up the comments box, solicit opinions from the public telephone, issuing polls, villages and households, micro-blog WeChat and other ways to further highlight the problems find North District government exists in the "four winds", for the masses, area units, Party members and cadres to carry out the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice suggestions. In soliciting opinions and suggestions in response to the grass-roots units, Gongjusiyong, bus management advice is relatively concentrated, especially the ordinary people of the vehicle management departments and units lost in the soft, lax, a mere formality of the opinion is relatively large, that have great influence on the masses of the evaluation of the party and government organs. The alienation of the party and government organs and the masses of the people, leading to the bureaucracy, hedonism, wasteful Jigzhi endless, is the concentrated expression of the grass-roots units of the four winds problem.

active surgery, Gongjusiyong point to death

to solve this problem, the North District government to enact reform legislation, corrective measures to convene a special meeting in 2013 the official car flag, to strengthen the norms of official vehicles parking management, load positioning monitoring equipment belonged to the 41 administrative units of more than 80 car mounted vehicles, equipped with a unified electronic monitoring the system, the implementation of "all-weather" real-time monitoring of official vehicles.

in order to avoid the regulatory process, a mere formality, the establishment of official vehicles in the north of the city of electronic monitoring system management agencies, appointed by the North District Commission for Discipline Inspection responsible for the entire area of official vehicles vehicle system supervision. Central control computer located in the north of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, at any time to monitor the operation of the vehicle monitoring. According to the scope of the vehicle to determine the driving area, focusing on schools, meals;

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