City leaders celebrate Eid al Fitr Muslim masses

In July 28th, the Muslim population ushered in the annual Eid al fitr. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, and city leaders Wang Yubo, Zou Jiansheng, Su Rong, Li Jinqing, Zhang Yonghai and Liu Fade with four bodies and the people’s good wishes, cordial condolences to my Muslim representatives, warmest greetings and best wishes to the Muslim compatriots through them, thank you the majority of Muslims to make contribution to the economic development and social stability in Xining. In the afternoon, the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun, accompanied by Zhang Yonghai, visit condolences to the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, Dongguan mosque Imam Ma Changqing, the Provincial Department of transportation director Han Jianhua, municipal government deputy mayor Wang Ping, and together they celebrate eid. City leaders to visit, was warmly welcomed by the Muslim compatriots. In the Ma Changqing family of noble character and high prestige, and sit, laughing, warm and cordial atmosphere. Wang Jianjun fully affirmed the Dongguan mosque in law temple, temple, according to the law of governance according to law, to maintain positive efforts to promote national unity and religious harmony, which, to the dean of Ma Changqing has long been committed to national unity and religious harmony, gave a high evaluation. At the same time wish Ma Changqing good health, I hope he can give full play to the influence of believers in the masses, continue to create a greater contribution to the province, the city’s national unity and progress to create advanced areas, religious harmony and social stability. In a cordial conversation, Wang Jianjun said that the development of harmonious and stable development of the city, especially the national unity and progress of the good situation, is inseparable from the efforts of the majority of the masses of Muslims and Muslim representatives and pay. We hope that Muslim representatives will continue to play an important role in the religious masses and contribute to the economic development, ethnic unity and social stability of the city. The majority of Muslims will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism, and consolidate and develop socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony, as in the past to pay attention to and support the development of the city’s participation in the cause of reform, working together for common prosperity and development, work together to build Xining into the life of the city, the city of happiness. The same day, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal people’s Congress Chairman Zou Jiansheng, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal united front work department minister Liu Fade came to the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, former municipal CPPCC Chairman Ma Jinxiao, the second people’s Hospital of dean Qi Yongqing, director of the North District Bridge community party secretary, black Mei Hing home, sent them to the blessed with the care of the party and the government. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong, municipal CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing line visit condolences to the Dongguan mosque democratic management committee director Ma Zhi, East District of Dongguan Hui women’s primary school principal Yang Jihong, East District Urban Management Bureau of sanitation services company south street cleaning team leader Feng Xiuying.  

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