A new model for the development of urbanization in the new Lake Lake area

Under the guidance of the scientific concept of development of the city, the construction of

Lake New District is a new approach to the development of urbanization in the western provinces. In the new period, the city of Xining bears the historic task of developing into a window city in the western region, and the exploration and practice of the new urban development pattern is a powerful guarantee for the realization of the "Xining dream".

The significance of RBD in the development of

new Lake area

it is understood that RBD is the central business leisure area, the global abbreviation. Is a multi-functional, comprehensive set of administrative office, business, commerce, culture, tourism services and other functions as one of the city’s public function center.

Xining as the western region of the tourist city, has a high-quality natural and cultural resources, every year tens of millions of people travel to the city people recreation and leisure in one of the core of the city has a strong demand. In addition to the further development of urbanization in Xining, the demand of the urban residents to meet the needs of business, shopping and leisure is urgent, and the development of RBD model in the new Lake area has become a trend. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the infrastructure of the new Lake District, the new urban core prototype has been formed. The introduction of the RBD model will inject new vitality to the sustainable development of the Lake District, perfect the city functions of the city core, to strengthen the "one core area of a circle" city planning, promote Xining city expanding and upgrading of city "strategy.

city commercial upgrade is characteristic of city development, starting from the city commercial development perspective, Xining city old district distribution is more fragmented, it is difficult to form a benign form of commercial leisure, shopping, dining, entertainment clusters, 500 super less settled. All of these are the obstacles to the development of Xining’s commercial business. The development of RBD model, the commercial district will build the Sea Lake District became the most characteristic, the formation of the core values of differentiation, regional leisure business temperament will become its unique city name card, strengthen the regional investment brand influence. The formation of a background, there is a business investment, there are a lot of opportunities for people to move into the city, will greatly promote the commercial development of the entire city of Xining.

Lake New Area, as the leading area of RBD development, is in the leading position in Xining and even the whole western region. Through this forum, the regional image of the Lake District RBD more three-dimensional, will further enhance the influence of Xining and the whole Qinghai Province, for the lake district to enhance national district has a direct role in promoting.

The leisure business attribute

RBD mode determines the development of the model for the lake district to provide more rich leisure and service experience, more diverse regional functions will lead to higher level of material life and spiritual life for Xining residents. With the residents of the new Lake Lake residents and the start of the major business, sea lake district as the core of Xining city status has been further consolidated.

breakdown of the world famous city RBD mode

in this exchange, the study of the world’s RBD development case. San Francisco;

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