North City District to continue to take effective measures to stabilize prices

this year, north of the city zone around the "strong foundation, stable price, An Minsheng" work objectives, strengthen price supervision, increase the market price to strengthen inspection efforts, closely related to the life of the masses of the grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and other basic necessities and refined oil, liquefied gas and other consumer goods price regulation blow up, price, price fraud and other irregularities according to law. At the same time, to further strengthen the monitoring of the market price, the establishment of price information publicity column in the farmers market, wholesale prices and daily published the main vegetable information timely understand the rate, market demand and price changes, to resolve the contradiction in price. Up to now, the development and reform of the organization area, prices, industry and commerce departments to carry out special inspections of the price of 31, the price subsidy of $127 thousand and 400.


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