Guangxi to provide support for migrant workers to start business loans

Chinese since ancient times is a large agricultural country, at the same time, some farmers and rural economic and social development also has undergone some changes in the new things, now the government also hopes that farmers can through their own business to promote prosperity in rural area.

the "measures" provisions, migrant workers entrepreneurship loans into the regional scope of support, as required by the autonomous region of the level of migrant workers arrange special funds to support the financial discount funds, just full discount. As long as the entrepreneurship training certificate issued by the agency in the Department of holders of migrant workers, such as issued by the department or agency of the holders of employment and unemployment certificate, employment permit registration of the transfer of rural laborers, migrant workers can apply for business loans.

In fact,

in other provinces which are actively using some good measures to help achieve the purpose of entrepreneurship and wealth, the vast rural areas at the same time, there are a lot of farmers entrepreneurs benefit from such a policy, to achieve the success of entrepreneurship and wealth target.


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