26 Qinghai enterprises want to enter Nanjing

Old yogurt, yak jerky, Nuomuhong wolfberry, horse tooth beans, Qinghai Tibetan carpet, the one and only with these baby, in April 6th, 26 enterprises in Jiangsu province and 12 well-known entrepreneurs had an open up a fresh outlook talkfest, reached a number of cooperation agreements. "Agricultural resources, abundant mineral resources in Qinghai gave birth to a large number of unique characteristics of the plateau brand products, these products in the original, rare feature of Qinghai and green, organic, pollution-free and unique quality, favored by the vast number of consumers. The presentation will show more than 2300 kinds of goods, is the representative of the Qinghai brand goods. Jiangsu and Qinghai although separated by two provinces with the trials of a long journey, but extensive cooperation in mineral resources development, energy construction, non-ferrous metal processing, agricultural and livestock products processing, infrastructure construction etc.." Han Youlin, deputy director of the Qinghai provincial Trade and Industry Bureau of Jiangsu business representatives to introduce. Qinghai horse teeth beans have been full of beans, beans pure incense, nutrient rich leader in the Japanese market. With the introduction of the Nanjing, the source of industry and trade enterprises in Hebei Province will work together on the future of Nanjing Medical University in the field of dental pulp in the next study. Qinghai milk "high quality, pure natural, pollution-free, Qinghai dairy industry has grown to 13, has covered the national each big city, in the meeting, and through Jiangsu’s corporate communication, Qinghai dairy industry has a number of supermarkets in Nanjing reached a cooperation agreement of intent, in the future. Nanjing many supermarkets will see Qinghai dairy products. Han Youlin, Su Qing two province in mineral development, with good prospects for cooperation of agricultural and sideline products sales, in recent years, in the youth workers, doing business in Jiangsu has more than 100 thousand people, or run shares of more than 1 thousand and 300 enterprises, the number of Qinghai to invest in Jiangsu is increasing year by year, this promotion will be a is an important form of Su Qing two province to deepen cooperation. It is also a stage for the people of Jiangsu to understand Qinghai and promote Qinghai. He hoped that the two provinces with the opportunity to exchange talks, a total of business opportunities, and promote the rapid development of the economy of the two provinces.  

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