Women’s clothing stores make money depends on the shopping environment is beautiful the whole netw

in Bian Bian’s side, there are always a lot of friends want to shop their own money. Today, choose their own shop to earn the most fiery project, is to choose the women’s store. Women’s market is very good, but not all the stores are able to make money, but also to master a certain method is more important. Good environment of the decoration, is the first step of our successful business!

below is a summary of the small series:

women’s shopping survey related to women’s studies, said the first round of the whole mall is turned around, rather than directly into the women’s shopping center is the center. Female friends to buy clothes, are like a circle around the mall. Not to buy goods, the majority of female friends in the shopping is holding a look at what they want to buy the idea to go shopping. Then is the comparison and selection of the brand, the purchase of women’s clothing is very random action, female friends are emotional, feel good to buy. At this point than male friends, male friends will go out before they want to buy what they want, look for the brand, and then went straight to the counter.

why do women feel so attached to

first is because women are emotional reasons, then is the location of the shop can give a person a kind of shopping environment on the space of "feeling", the shop’s display is one of the important reasons, the majority of female friends will feel "good brand, occupy a good position and many brands together naturally don’t feel good. Women than men seem to join the store in store design and put more emphasis on style, male friend shopping just to buy with their occupation and life related, for the shop did not feel too much, just pay attention to the clothing brand is not suitable for their own.

why the site should be starting from the female heart, surely we all know why, so today Xiaobian not everyone, but Xiaobian want to say is if you want the location, if it is the kind of women involved, such as women’s stores, such as children’s clothing store, you can try try from the female heart of location.

consumers are recognized by the brand, is always very much room for market development. The same is true for women’s wear. If you are also very exciting. So, direct action!

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