The importance the integrity of the business process the whole of shops

although the owners are shouting to the integrity of the business, but not many people really do. In fact, a shop if you want to get the recognition of customers, want to get a long run, but it has a very important role. The day before yesterday morning, the store suddenly came to such a customer. A door to ask: is there a wide box diffuse to visit the Yellow Crane Tower? After we have the answer, the customer did not rush to ask the price and look at the smoke, but let me wait, said he went to come, and promised: as long as the smoke is authentic he bought two.

sure enough, there was no time for the customer to come again. Just before the difference is, this time not only the customer came in and asked the price and asked to see the smoke, hands more than a bag of wide box diffuse to visit the Yellow Crane Tower. I say the price he is not what the objection, but the premise is: I have to own the whole outfit man to visit the Yellow Crane Tower apart give him a look at the same time, he also told me the statement: smoke apart, if he will be authentic bought; if it is not, he’s a bag don’t buy. When everything was settled, I took out the smoke.


I will smoke apart, customers also began his rather lengthy "smoke test" process, of course, it is also the link, just let me know that he was a pack of cigarettes function: he is that his pack of cigarettes, as the reference to buy cigarettes with the. I saw him first with his cigarette and my cigarette, the outer packaging and bar coding comparison, after not found strange.


is then down the box out, in order not to confuse the two box of cigarettes taste, he bought a bottle of mineral water; then a customer feel funny pictures, I saw his hand a cigarette and a cigarette in the mouth of a water pumping up. Fortunately, after a careful comparison and try to smoke, he finally realized that my cigarette is authentic. It is also in his confirmation of my cigarette is authentic, he revealed his reason for doing so.

The original

, just a week before the wedding, to him in order to prepare for the wedding of smoke, have been in the intersection of two cigarette and liquor vendor to buy the cigarettes, although before buying he has repeatedly asked the shopkeeper: two cigarettes must be authentic. The two shopkeepers have vowed to give him a guarantee. Can wait for him to buy cigarettes back, from the two cigarettes each took out a bag to open a smoke, then it felt wrong, and then get the tobacco sector to identify, without exception, have been told that it is fake.


in the back when the smoke, two shopkeepers did not let him take your breath will refund the cigarette money to him, but he didn’t want to bother about it, so he came up with this approach: just ask the store to sell the smoke, he started to smoke near the bar in the supermarket to buy a bag of the same kind of smoke as a reference, then the comparison site and try to buy authentic smoke, until now.

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