Million yuan venture can do what snack business Business

snack industry good market prospects, many consumers love the taste of delicious snacks, snacks market driven progress, therefore, many entrepreneurs choose snacks, but many do snack food business, all know that investment is not low. So now what snacks can be small investment to do it? The whole Xiaobian inventory for you one million yuan can do what snack items.

Rice Rolls

Changfen only need a rice rolls and a grinding machine, also can only need a rice rolls, buy rice rolls of raw materials. The equipment and materials at the cost of 2000 yuan, then add rice rolls learning technology, or snack car rental stores, is expected in 5000 yuan, 8000 yuan of investment can be done.

Changsha old big sausage

hand cake


barbecue this is all a very close friend, most are seen in the snack car business outside, this equipment is 2000 yuan, plus barbecue technical training, what the tables and chairs, is expected to invest 8000 yuan, you can do it.


Teppanyaki requires only a snack car can, like snacks in the 800-1500 yuan. The training of iron burning technology, desks and chairs what, invest 7000 yuan, you can do it.


Malatang device is more simple, is also a snack car can also be. Coupled with hot and spicy technology training, investment 5000 yuan, can be completed to open up.

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