The relevant departments of Nanjing said consumers pay more attention to their rights and interests

in many cases, people’s rights and interests have not been maintained, so that they are not happy. Nanjing City Consumers Association released the 2016 annual report on the analysis of Nanjing automobile consumer complaints. Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned that, last year, Nanjing received a total of 2897 car class consumer complaints, all complaints, the quality of non motor vehicles has accounted for up to 85%, we can see more and more attention to consumer demand for services.

reporter found in the complaint reasons, can not pay for the car 217 accounted for 14%, compulsory licensing, insurance, decoration 220 accounted for 14%, can not provide the certificate of 64 accounted for 4%, the installation of tachograph, shading film for 172 pieces of three products accounted for 11%, not refundable deposit and advances 226 accounted for 14% 243, quality problems accounted for 15%, failed to deliver Car Buying before commitment contract disputes 290, accounted for 18% of foreign household to licensing disputes in 152 accounted for 10%.

of all complaints, 4S shop failed to deliver Car Buying before commitment accounted for the most, the second problem is the quality of automobile and other mandatory spending, including non quality problems have been accounted for 85%, that consumer demand for services has been more and more attention.

as of November 12, 2016, the public Mr. Chen in Nanjing Zhongsheng Star auto sale service limited company to buy a Mercedes Benz car, the price of 219000 yuan, businesses forced the purchase of insurance and insurance 6200 yuan 10500 yuan scratch in the 4S shop, the Nanjing Municipal Association coordination to get proper treatment.

consumers pay attention to their rights and interests, so that more benefits will not be violated. The establishment of the Shanghai automobile quality of the judicial authentication institutions will contribute to the automotive consumer market order construction, under the framework of the law, to safeguard the interests of all parties, vehicle maintenance, vehicle production and consumer, actively promote the healthy development of the automobile consumer market.

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