The cake wrapped inside the ice cream you read it the whole

innovative characteristics of food can always get the favor of consumers. This kind of food can be sold in the market, even in short supply. For example, the food wrapped in ice cream cake. Nestle and the United States veteran bread maker Hostess ready to launch an ice cream production line in the new year. Ice cream ingredients will be added to the Hostess’s national snack Twinkies cream cake, as well as cupcakes and snowball cake snacks.

Twinkies ice cream this launch should make a lot of cake fans happy. This cream is rich, sweet taste, high fat and high calorie food can eat the cake when frozen, can also be a half of ice cream to eat, can bring a pleasant sense of guilt "(or vice versa, set up) popularity in the United States ranked third small cake snacks, is many Americans from snacks to big snacks (like pie in China selling Orion).

Nestle retro snacks, wrapped in ice cream cake.

ice cream products are seen as potential growth markets. At present, the global ice cream market is about $71 billion, the total amount of the European consulting advisory in 2020 will increase to $107 billion. Nestle’s ice cream accounted for 11.9% of the global market share, the highest in the second place, second only to Unilever (19.5%) ().

in order to compete for the leading position in the ice cream market, Nestle in recent years in the ice cream products have begun to have a lot of action.

last year, Nestle and the UK’s largest ice cream company R& R joint venture to set up a joint venture Froneri, products sold in more than 20 countries, is expected to income of about $2 billion 650 million.


in order to enter the high-end ice cream market, 2001 Nestle acquisition of Haagen Dazs business in the United States, 2003 Nestle acquisition of the third largest U.S. ice cream maker Dreier, now Nestle Dreier reached 19.1% in the U.S. high-end ice cream market share, which laid the foundation for a new hegemony.

now with the growth of disposable income and the development of the retail industry, China’s ice cream market has begun to gradually large, attracting the eyes of nestle. The data show that in 2016, China’s ice cream market retail sales reached $6 billion 650 million, an increase of about 8%.

nestle in the Chinese market share of ice cream is not large, only 3.2%, Yili and Mengniu each accounted for more than 15%. In addition to other Chinese local ice cream business, Nestle and old enemy joint benefit

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