Luoyang Wei home chicken soup to join what conditions need to be met the whole

China’s population, the implementation of family planning policy for many years, China began to release the second child birth policy. Based on such a large population base, want to do business in the population, the preferred food and beverage industry. Now the food and beverage market, in fact, under the huge population base, or do public catering more money! Luoyang Wei chicken soup to join the headquarters aimed at mass consumption, suitable for the needs of the Chinese people, the audience wide, small investment, large profit margins, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about. So, Luoyang Wei chicken soup is how much? Investment in the opening of a chicken soup shop in Luoyang Wei, joined the fee is based on the size of the different shops and the level of the region where the charges, the specific amount of investment, a total of at least about 10-15!

Luoyang Wei chicken soup to meet what conditions?

Luoyang Wei chicken soup join conditions:

1, at least 18 years of age or older, with legal qualification.

2, agree with the management philosophy and management model of chicken soup brand, willing to grow together with the headquarters, to maintain quality, brand image.

3, with good credit ability, to ensure the normal operation of the store.

4, the applicant has the relevant conditions to start business. Such as: legal business procedures, business premises and related office facilities.

5, to strictly implement the policies we have formulated.

6, the franchisee must have the ability to develop and manage the ability of junior stores.

7, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the basic concept of enterprise management.

Luoyang Wei chicken soup is mainly divided into the cost of the use of the brand fees, margin, shop rent, renovation costs, equipment, the first batch of material expenditures and so on. Open a Luoyang Wei chicken soup shop budget of about 130 thousand, up and down, 10~15 million look! Join the Luoyang Wei home chicken soup, as the industry’s well-known brands, Wei Jia Soup Market Prospects since Needless to say, the franchisee shop can be hot profit, good business opportunities, it is worth the investment!


above is the small series of simple introduction, Luoyang Wei home chicken soup to join the course, if you join the Luoyang Wei home chicken interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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