Remember how the whole join beef broth

do you know where there is no well-known beef soup brand? Does each place have its own specialty beef soup? Xiao Bian lives in Anhui, on our side we are more recognized is Huainan beef soup. Beef soup is a traditional food of the Han nationality. This dish gives people the feeling that the soup is rich in alcohol, spicy taste; nutrient rich, suitable for mass. Million Huainan beef soup was founded in 1996, y absorb the essence of the northern and Southern Dynasties beef soup, created by. In the choice of materials on the selection of the finest cattle hindquarters low fat, high calcium, strong toughness; authentic Huaibei sweet potato vermicelli smooth, not greasy, hot for a long time. Since its inception, with its unique taste difficult to imitate, strict selection of raw materials to meet the needs of consumers, renowned food and beverage market.

as the name suggests, thousands of beef broth is mainly to soup, soup no alcohol is tasteless, but the beef broth boiling methods, are taken in the local specialty, Huai taro powder, mung bean cake, bean curd skin (dry, 100), Zumadoka Ko and other accessories. Really do the soup thick alcohol fresh, spicy taste, rich in raw materials, taste of thick taste, memorable, four seasons.

how about beef soup?

in the selection of materials, thousands of beef soup with dozens of nourishing herbs and halogen materials according to a certain proportion of traditional processing. Take the system along the Huaihe cattle as raw material, with cow bone soup, cooked beef must be soaked in blood, viscera clean, can be cooked with the pot, used homemade butter, fry the prepared pepper Huai (dried red pepper) made of Chili oil. A boiled green, fragrant and delicious, not black soup, drink does not get angry, not dry throat. Together with the fans and a dry silk, eat a hundred tire.

thousand beef broth by more than and 20 kinds of special materials, the rare tonic herbs, good beef bone three roll three boiling boiled, the essence slowly seeps into them, so soup is fresh, fragrant, spicy, hot, fun style – spicy but not dry, fresh and not smell of mutton and the fragrance, pure taste, really good soup, lead a person to endless aftertastes, good material, good taste; the protein and trace elements in the stomach, with blood, cold, refreshing, nourishing the physical fitness function; thousands of beef broth does not hurt the stomach fire is suitable for modern people to pursue healthy body.

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