90 female college students Liang Ying home to help farmers get rich

a truly successful business, not personal enrichment, but with a group of people on the road to get rich together, the hero of this article to do this. Will transplant, understand marketing, able to drive tractors. In Huinan County, Jilin province Xing De Cun organic farm, 90 girls Liang Yingzheng walked in their business on the road.

1992, Liang Ying was born in an ordinary peasant family in Qian’an County of Jilin Province, Songyuan city. After graduating from Hebei University of Economics and Business in 2015 with a major in marketing, she worked in a large enterprise in Beijing. But the high salary did not bring too much sense of accomplishment to Liang Ying.

think of the home of farmers who are ‘under the stupid Kung Fu’, a year can not earn a few money, I think we should use their knowledge to do something for them." By the end of 2015, Liang Ying quit his job back home, in cooperation with several friends in the business, Huinan County Tak Hing Village organic ecological farm.

Ying Ying and a member of the team to change the farmers to pursue a large number of output of pesticides, fertilizers, planting methods, only the application of manure, only the use of physical methods of insect, weeding. Although the yield of rice, but in line with the organic certification standards, the profit is more than three times before. Liang Ying also use big data analysis of the network of customer preferences, timely adjustment of product structure, widely on the Internet overhead road.

The vast majority of

with different China rural management, such a unique business, not only let Liang Ying realize his dream of entrepreneurial wealth, and organic farms in the scale of operation under the help of Xing De village farmer per capita income more than 5000 yuan, the annual sales of farm products totaling more than 1000 yuan.

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