Chongqing more than one year survival rate of entrepreneurs reached 60%

decided to start the development of entrepreneurship is not the birth of the number of start-ups, but how many companies can survive after birth. 2015 Chongqing entrepreneurial success rate of over 6, this figure shows the superiority of the entrepreneurial environment in Chongqing and the majority of entrepreneurs hard work.

1 hours, you can have a cup of coffee, chat with friends, and soon passed. However, entrepreneurs in Chongqing, 1 hours, there are more than 13 small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial birth. But you know, in the past 2015, the city’s entrepreneurial success rate is high, the answer is: more than a year over 6 entrepreneurs survived.

Director of

the average daily birth of 320 small and micro enterprises

With the arrival of

5 there are 1 people in the entrepreneurial enterprise employment

as "12th Five-Year" at the end of the Chongqing small and medium-sized enterprises employed 6 million 600 thousand people, to provide a stable source of income for the 3 million 50 thousand households. According to this calculation, every 5 people in Chongqing, there are more than 1 people in the employment of these start-ups.


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