South of Jiangsu the construction of innovation to cancel foreign talent age restrictions on Netw

in the development of urban economy in Jiangsu, there is a big gap between South of Jiangsu and Northern Jiangsu, and the prosperity of South of Jiangsu is very competitive in the city. 20 reporters from the Jiangsu provincial human resources and social security department was informed that the province recently issued the "relevant personnel" policies and measures on speeding up the construction of the South of Jiangsu National Innovation Demonstration Zone, 21 of the new deal at the urgent need to break the talent policy bottleneck, outstanding pilot, allowing the ad hoc post bringing in talents and talents urgently needed.

"measures" clear, South of Jiangsu demonstration zone within the institutions shall be formulated according to the relevant provisions of post management measures, in the approved position within the total amount of independent set internal organization and management, professional and technical workers, skilled jobs, lower level jobs by the unit according to the needs of the overall approval, post setting programs at the same level of personnel comprehensive management department.

due to the needs of the development of the leading talent and other much-needed talent, according to the provisions of the ad hoc positions, not subject to the total amount of work, professional and technical positions structure ratio restrictions. Professional and technical positions are not set up two or no vacancies, you can hire a high or low post employment. "Enterprise technology innovation cannot do without talents, the new breakthrough of post total, professional and technical posts proportion limit, allow the employer to ad hoc post leading talents introduction and much-needed talents, to solve our professionals to improve efficiency, stimulate the vitality of the talent innovation urgent". State Grid Kunshan power supply company general manager Shi Chen said.

for a long time, the domestic introduction of foreign talents have age requirements, such as 65 years old and above foreign talent is difficult to obtain a work permit. To take the lead in development, it is necessary to smooth the flow of talent distribution channels to build an internationally competitive talent introduction system. In order to reflect the value of knowledge talent, "measures" provisions of the universities and research institutes to hire top talent and innovative achievements of technological talents, can independently explore the implementation of annual wages, salaries, wages and other project agreement salary distribution system, the salary level can be determined by independent units.

in order to better develop the economy of the South of Jiangsu region, the abolition of the age limit of foreign talent, so that more high-level personnel can contribute to the development of South of Jiangsu’s economy! "Measures" to relax the region urgently needed introduction of foreign talents, to clear the much-needed foreign talents in South of Jiangsu demonstration zone units employ, cancel the age limit, foreign talent category, for the maximum period of the work permit for the "foreigner". At the same time, it also relaxes the restrictions on foreign students working in the Soviet Union, allowing graduates to work directly in the region.

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