China’s top ten brands of acne cosmetics list

face long acne, for the modern people is too ordinary a thing, and want to acne, not only in the diet, diet above attention, but also need to choose the right acne cosmetics. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce China’s top ten brands of acne cosmetics, so as to give people a better choice of reference.

acne is to apply medical technology or method to eliminate acne; pox is commonly known as acne, also called the "acne", "acne" or "acne", is due to a cause hair follicle and sebaceous gland obstruction, inflammation of the skin disease. Puberty, the body’s hormones will stimulate hair growth, promote the sebaceous glands secrete more oil, hair and sebaceous glands, so the accumulation of many substances, so that oil and bacteria attached to the skin, causing skin irritation reaction. Because this kind of symptom is common in young men and women, so call it "whelk"".

China’s ten largest cosmetics brand NO.1:VICHY Vichy


(China) Co. Ltd., VICHY Vichy, founded in 1931 in France, contains VICHY hot water / health / safety of active molecules is known, the world’s leading brand of professional sensitive muscle skin care, in 1998 to enter the China and into the pharmacy sales of skin care products, professional brand in 2003 will be included in Dermablend’s powder.

Vichy (VICHY) is one of the world’s largest cosmetics group – L’OREAL, France’s famous brands. July 1998, Vichy VICHY to enter China, while the concept of pharmacy specialty skin care products into china. For different types of skin, Vichy provides different characteristics of the various parts of the clean, nursed back to health and care series, in order to achieve the best results. Various types of products are accompanied by Dr. VICHY Vichy skin care experts guidance recommendations.

, two thousand years old, is located in central France, VICHY City, famous for its hot springs water in the city of. Since the beginning of sixteenth Century, the people of these hot springs, gastrointestinal diseases, as well as the Department of Gastroenterology, Department of Dermatology and other diseases have a clear wet effect, and therefore enjoys a reputation in the medical profession.

China’s ten major brands of acne cosmetics list NO.2: Mentholatum


(Chinese) Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., founded in 1889, the United States, the United States Mint Cream became an essential medicine known to every family, the full range of skincare and lip balm mint paste / eye drops / friction paste OTC drug selling the world.

Mentholatum (Mentholatum) company was founded in 1889, founder Hill successfully created Mentholatum Mentholatum, soon became the essential medicine known to every family, Mentholatum.

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