Brand name also need to consider the speed of memory


investors may spend a lot of energy and money to play on a brand name that is very suitable, however, consumers have no way to remember such a name, the name of this work actually is also a failure. Therefore, the brand name also need to consider the speed of memory.

to the name of the brand there is a memory speed problem. We have to consider the name to open accent and closed accent, because the last word on the opening and closing of the memory strength is not the same, and different names of the intensity, the memory speed is not the same. Some names are said to remember again, some names can not remember ten times, every time I see to ask: "what is that?" Can’t remember.

so the brand name must consider the speed of memory. If a brand to find a fortune teller named, it may be the name of 10 million of the advertising costs to be remembered. But if you have a particularly memorable name, it may only be 1 million to be remembered. This is not only the difference of investment, but also the difference between time and effect.

once the product market, and your product name is not easy to remember, it is easy for others to take the initiative in the name of the brand, to seize a larger market, the result is that you can not do big, only small. Therefore, the brand name must be considered from a market perspective, in order to win the market.

said that although the brand name matters need to pay attention to very much, we need to pay attention to the problem is too many to count, however, the memory problem is a big problem, nature also need investors to pay more attention to, so as to make the brand with a more appropriate name.

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