Furnace roll fish brand to join Q details of Hot pot

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Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour a special snack name, but today the recommended brand is a name similar to the Hot pot furnace roll Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour brand. So what about the furnace? Look at the following brief introduction.

furnace roll fish special Hot pot to join the brand was founded in 2009, headquartered in Shanghai, the country has hundreds of stores, with high quality and first-class service to join the fish Hot pot technology training, 2016 was elected as the most valuable fish Hot pot brand, the traditional method of making fish Hot pot with the modern concept of catering to consumers. R & D and dietetic health standards, has become one of the delicacy loved by consumers. Currently joined is also very hot, the following for the furnace rolling hot fish hot pot to join the faq.

furnace rolling fish hot pot brand answer

What is the condition of

joining the furnace to roll up the fish hotpot?

1, can identify furnace roll fish business philosophy, Hot pot to maintain brand image; 2, have a certain economic strength, to ensure the normal operation of the store; 3, can hard-working, can devote to the chain management.

What is the joining process of

hot rolling fish hot pot?

joined the first to visit the headquarters of the furnace roll, or to the furnace roll branch investigation; 2, study satisfaction and sign the contract, to pay fees; 3, franchisees roll headquarters learning technology / management / marketing / decoration course in the furnace; 4, the franchisee back to the store, decoration, recruitment the opening day.

How much is the joining fee of

hot rolling fish hot pot?

furnace roll brand to join a reasonable fee, a fee for life services, specific view join the cost column

furnace rolling fish pot fee including what services?

1, brand licensing; 2, store location guidance and assessment; 3, decoration and design activities planning and guidance; 4, poster / Yilabao / wall design culture; 5, the opening of new stores promotional gifts; 6, technical training, marketing planning and management guidance; 7, marketing; 8, high-quality raw materials the channel.

how much do you need to open a home in the hot rolling pot hot pot restaurant?

headquarters recommend suitable franchise area of 30 square meters to 150 square meters. Specific depending on the city, the location of different business values.

furnace roll shop should be opened in what position?

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