Chinese honey ten brands list the whole

honey Ziyin beauty, delicious nutrition, is a favorite of many people’s health products. Perhaps it is because the characteristics of honey contained in itself, so that it became a regular consumption of high nutrition food in our life, honey contains most nutrients needed by the human body, such as a variety of vitamins, amino acids, and the use of honey there is no age limit, suitable for all kinds of old people to eat, from children, women in the elderly can eat honey to replenish. However, due to the current market a lot of honey brands, product quality varies, in the end how to choose a good quality of honey, here to introduce the ten major brands of Chinese honey list.

China honey ten brands list NO1- Comvita

New Zealand Manuka honey is Comvita company’s famous brand, the company is the world’s only honey production of listed companies. The government of New Zealand is the world’s only legislation banning the use of national beekeepers bees fed antibiotics, which is New Zealand’s largest Comvita bee products brand, market share in the New Zealand bee products market rate is as high as 75%.

Chinese honey ten brand list NO2-

old beekeepers

produced by Jiangxi old beekeepers honey bee old beekeepers Co. Ltd., the company’s "old beekeepers" brand of honey, royal jelly, bee pollen products always face the consumers with high quality, pure, green, healthy quality, and in 2000 won the "IGD2000 Chinese excellent corporate brand award, 2005 identified as" the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprise ", 2006" old beekeepers "trademark was awarded" Jiangxi famous brand ". Jiangxi old beekeepers mainly engaged in honey, royal jelly, bee pollen three series more than and 20 kinds of products.

Chinese honey ten brand list NO3-


honey is honey Tianxing Wang Shenyang Tianxing Limited’s famous brand, the company was founded in early 1950s, after more than and 40 years of efforts, has developed into a certain scale of production, with some well-known enterprises. The company production of Tianxing brand honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and other products, by the municipal government assured that the project named "assured the people of food". At the end of 2002 was China Bee Products Association as the national bee products industry "integrity shop", the Shenyang area alone. 2004 "Tianxing" by Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau named as Shenyang famous trademark.

China honey ten brand ranking NO4- cishengtang

cishengtang honey is Beijing cishengtang food limited company of famous brand, the honey is currently the highest purity and quality of high-quality honey brand. Not only the national standard China cishengtang honey.

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