Kings the cost of joining pork rice

I saw a small series of ribs I can not walk the road, not only love ribs consumers like ribs, catering investors should also be very optimistic about the project to join it! Ribs are never afraid of no investors to invest, Wang Ji ribs rice is no exception. Kings ribs with rice fine selection, exclusive secret recipe, health, by many consumers, Wang Ji pork rice is a brand of relatively good, is also very popular, how much is the kings pork rice investment funds?

Wang Wang ribs rice join fee introduction:

join fee

brand franchise fee: 50 thousand

margin: 10 thousand

management fee: 20 thousand

per year

join advantage:

taste good: a variety of flavors, no matter what you are in the provinces and cities, excellent taste can win hearts and minds!

material package is good: taste good, the key in the material bag! Join the secret material package, the headquarters of a unified logistics supply!

Many kinds of

features: auxiliary meals, snacks and beverage, ice cream together, meat collocation is reasonable, choose more natural, diners of


mode: 50 flat shops can make, 500 large flat flexible location, get rich quick! Start to choose the most suitable for your


customers: spicy and delicious a store gathered, no seasonal taste crowd, Business Hours limit, where are of popular


: make more small investment to join, no experience, no professional chefs, reduce the cost, a monthly income of tens of thousands of

, be nothing difficult!

policy is good: to provide a range of support and services to partners, so that partners easily shop, easy to operate, easy to make money!

Xiaobian introduced so much, I believe that the king of the ribs for the cost of rice to join the number of this problem are known, if you want to make money, I do not know what to choose a good project, Wang Ji ribs rice is a good choice for you to join

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