Easy to operate a theme restaurant need to grasp the eight points

theme restaurant to the restaurant industry has brought more highlights, choose to run a theme restaurant? From the current situation of the food market, the proportion of the theme restaurant is small, but a lot of theme restaurants in the business for a period of time will die, even more famous maid cafes also frequently appear such problems. So we have to analyze what the hell is going on.

theme restaurant of pain, pain in? Why is it that most of the theme restaurants are doomed from the start? The next few will do a few eight errors, so that the food can learn from!

A: themes are the same, blindly follow the trend of serious

theme restaurant — the core is the "theme" two words. "Theme" is not only the soul of the theme restaurant, but also the fundamental difference between the theme restaurant and the standardized restaurant. There are a lot of theme restaurants in Chongqing on the theme of the selection of the tourist market survey is not enough, the excessive pursuit of new, strange, different, or the success of the theme of the blind plagiarism, lack of unique insights and analysis. For example, Chongqing to "intellectual youth" as the theme of the restaurant, is located in Yangjiaping "," Yubei District commune canteen "Chongqing youth old captain Hot pot" and Foreigner’s Street’s "youth farmhouse" more than 80, are different names for the same subject, and the operating conditions vary greatly.

mentioned before, theme restaurants will have a distinct theme, which will have a new vitality. But do not ignore, what is the most fundamental purpose of the restaurant. One of the most fundamental good restaurant is the vitality of food quality, regardless of the name of the restaurant, no matter what it is, without it, would not be called a qualified restaurant, but what about success. However, in many theme restaurants, menu design, interior decoration, dish design…… Exquisite exception, a lot of fancy gimmicks, but only no more energy poured into the dishes. Good taste of the dishes for the restaurant is a fatal injury, from another point of view, there is no taste of the theme of the restaurant with a vase what is the difference? There is no future there will be no prospects. We must remember that the first restaurant, only after the theme, do not put the cart before the horse.

Three: the theme is not clear, the environment is not prominent

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